Swimming course for kids up to 6 years old

Swimming enhances mental and emotional development of children and brings joy to all members of the family. Swimming classes are led by our professionally trained instructors in a sensitive and playful manner. One of the main targets of our infant swimming classes is the regular process of child development. In the course of regular swimming classes overloaded muscle groups are relaxed and muscle groups that normally do not work are used, which results in better coordination of movement and reduces later problems of the muscular apparatus.

Target skills

  • movement in water,
  • breathing into water,
  • jumping and falling to water,
  • orientation beneath the surface,
  • floating,
  • the basics of swimming styles,
  • self-rescue.
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Plavání dětí v hotelu Relax Inn Praha 9
Plavání s kojenci v hotelu Relax Inn Praha 9
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Course organization

Classes are held once a week for three months. Children are organized in the classes regarding their age and swimming skills. The exact time schedule of swimming classes is set and published when all swimming groups are identified. Limited number of kids in each group enables individual approach of the instructor. The length of a regular swimming lesson is 30 minutes.

Terms of participations in a swimming course

Children can start swimming from the age of not less than six months and must be in a good health condition.

What you need

Any child and parent will need: a shower gel or a soap, towel, swimwear and any cosmetics you use after bathing. Toddlers and infants need either a special baby swimsuit with a rubber band around the legs or a special disposable nappy specifically made for baby water activities. The swimming nappies are available at the reception desk.


If you are interested in our swimming classes or if you have any questions regarding our swimming classes please do not hesitate to contact us at 774 275 525, e-mail: jarka@amalka.info.


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